Commission Request Form

Thanks for considering me as somebody you’d like to work with!
Just a few things to be aware of before you fill out the form and we engage in any business:


                • Full Color/Single Character/Some Background = $175-$200
                • Full Color/Single Character/No Background = $125
                • Additional Characters = $50
                • Private commissions (not to be displayed publicly) = +20%
                • Other variations on a case-by-case basis.
  1. Regarding payment: I invoice through PayPal and the total amount will be due before I begin sending you sketches.
  2. The minimum price for me to take on a commission is $65 US, which equates to roughly one simple character sketch with flat color or black and white toning. Could also just be a portrait or something similar.
  3. Most of what you see in my portfolio are single character, full color pieces with a background. These are typically $175-$200. Additional characters generally add another $50. A full character design from scratch will also incur additional costs as these require more time to work through.
  4. Private commissions that are not to be publicly posted anywhere will come with an additional 20% fee in most cases.
  5. No matter what your request, we will always work through at least 2 rounds of revisions during the roughing out phase, with a chance to make smaller tweaks as I move on to the final piece.
  6. Please submit only once unless 48 hours (during the business week – Monday through Friday) has passed without a response from me.
  7. I will not do underage, scat, your wife/gf/bf/sister/step-mom (hot as she may be), celebrities, or whatever real-life person you might have in mind.
  8. Turnaround time is usually within 2 weeks, or about 10 business days.
Thanks for reading the terms! If you’re unsure about anything here, please feel free to submit anyway and we can discuss it through e-mail.